Our company manufactures filling and packaging machinery for the industry of food, cosmetic, medicine, oil etc.



History and Vision

 Our company manufactures filling and packaging machinery since 1972. We are a dynamic constructing unit, which continually develops in order to provide prompt qualitative and reliable solutions to our customers.

We pursue and support continuous research and development so that our proposals pay back, in the best manner, your original investment.

We employee mechanics and specialised technicians, throughout the manufacturing process. Our design lab is equipped with the latest CAD systems. We also have a fully equipped traditional workshop.

At GELESMES machinery, you find reliable partners who will help you get the best solution to any packaging problem. Our years of experience guarantee solutions to simplify your production procedures, emphasizing on qualityreliability and safety.

Additionally, we provide full warranty for a period of 2 years, which covers all the electric, electronic, and mechanical parts of all the machinery we manufacture.

All our machines exceed the safety specifications of the 98/37/EK directive of the EU.

Activities & Partnerships

We manufacture and represent high standards machinery, which guarantee continuous and trouble-free operation in small as well as large production lines.

Our wide range of machines is covering all stages of filling and packaging:

Our specialized personnel can also adjust any solution to best fit even the most demanding custom application.

Remaining loyal to our commitment for best customer service, we have also proceeded to partnerships with some well-known companies abroad, in order to offer a wider range of machinery.


At GELESMES machinery, we maintain a well-organized exports department, exporting to countries such as Germany, Australia, Egupt, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Cyprus, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Oman and Syria.

Support and Service

 For more than 45 years, we provide our customers, in Greece and abroad, complete and immediate technical support which covers:

  • on the spot visits or remote intervention, directly to the machine, via telephone line,
  • detailed operation and maintenance manuals,
  • spare parts lists and mainly,
  • full and continuous stock of spare parts.

At GELESMES machinery we stand by you at all times, before, during and after your initial investment.