Our company manufactures filling and packaging machinery for the industry of food, cosmetic, medicine, oil etc.


At GELESMES machinery, we believe that customer support is essential throughout all phases of our collaboration with our customers. Therefore, we provide a fully organized technical support team, which can promptly respond to any customer's need allover Greece and abroad as well.

Additionally, we provide full warranty for a period of 2 years, which covers all the electric, electronic, and mechanical parts of all the machinery we manufacture.

For more than 30 years we provide our customers complete and immediate technical support which covers:

  • On the spot visits
  • Phone support
  • Remote intervention, directly to the machine, via telephone line
  • Detailed installment, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting manuals 
  • Spare parts lists
  • Full and continuous stock of spare parts

At GELESMES machinery we stand by you at all times, before and after your initial investment.

Technical Support

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tel. 210 - 48 13 173